This amazing tip for creating chain links deserves a re-post in honor of this month’s #metalsmithchallenge theme being Handmade Chain ⛓ Thank you so much @goldandjayejewelry - “I was talking to a friend about getting nice ovals yesterday and thought I’d share this trick I learned at school years ago. It’s two round rods soldered together to make an oval mandrel. Lovely to do in all different gauges. The two rods give you a perfect indentation for cutting off your jump rings or bezels and bending the top into “arms” makes the mandrel easy to hold and turn.” I would love to share other chainmaking tips before the month is over So if you have em’ send em’ 🙏😘 #metalsmithsociety #handmadejewelry #handmadechain #howtomakeachain #chainmaking #chainmakingtip #communityovercompetition #metalsmithcommunity #metalsmiths #metalsmithy