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Thanks for sharing this helpful tip for soldering earring posts @seattlefindings - “When soldering an ear post, make sure to make a notch where your post will sit. It makes a stronger and straighter joint. We like doing this by hand, with a drill bit... more

Jeweler @mothersonthemountainjewelry brought this #solderingnest idea from @ganoksin_project to life with 22g steel binding wire! Never seen this before and will have to try! 🙏🏻 - “I love it for heating underneath!! I use it all the time and bring it... more

Last time I had to solder a piece with a gemstone that needed protecting I used ‘heat shield’ that I purchased @riogrande, before that I cut off a small piece of potato to cover the stone while soldering, a trick I picked up from @hnossdesign ANOTHER... more

Just want to piggyback off of my previous post. If you are concerned about your tanks leaking fill a cheap spray bottle with soap and water and keep it handy to spray your tanks. You will detect a leak right away. BOOM. #metalsmithsociety #metalsmithy... more

Thank you so much for sending me this unique technique @sophiabrand -“My tip is glass beads when you solder a moving mechanism (hinge). It's easy to loosen them and they prevent small parts from soldering together!” 🙏🏻 anyone else ever try this? Or... more

Here is a two part tip if you use #handyflux - found in an article on the @riogrande blog where jeweler @marknelson5121 shared some wisdom - “ The stuff (Handy Flux) comes thick as paste that can be hard to use, so I mix it in a separate container... more

I’ve used whiteout for years to prevent solder flow on hinge projects but I never thought to use it this way. Thank you for sharing @hjjewellerydesign - “My favourite tip is to use Tippex (whiteout) as an anti flux while soldering stamped details onto... more

Here is a soldering tip for those that use wire solder - insert your solder into a piece of copper tubing (a snug fit is ideal) for better precision and ease of holding. Thank you so much for sending this @ajoiadoleo definitely trying this.... more

Thank you to every last one of you that responded to my story yesterday (over 50 messages 🙏🏻😘💕) to help a member of our community fit a bezel on a curved ring. The overwhelming consensus was to tape sand paper to a steel ring mandrel. If the ring is... more

When your silver pieces come out of the pickle black, it’s time to change out your pickle! There could be several culprits as to why my chain turned black: steel contamination in the pickle pot (which can cause plating but usually it looks red) or my... more

Amazing hinge tip from @elmharris - “I use graphite pencil leads to keep the hinge knuckles in place and to keep the inside of the knuckles “dirty” so solder doesn’t flow inside. I also paint a little rouge or white out (the green label, water based... more

Here’s a way to get your prongs to stay in position while soldering from @sweetbellajewelry - “For prongs I use a soft solderite tile. It’s soft enough to push the wire prongs right into it.” 🤯 You know, the Metalsmith Challenge this month just so... more