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Here is a tip to keep a bunch of necklaces from tangling when you are shipping, traveling or storing them from @lazulihandcrafted - “When I sell my work at shows, I like to bring as much product as I can so that everything looks nice and full and... more

For this #tooltalktuesday I wanted to more thoroughly discuss Sanding Discs. I have been using these for over a decade and they are absolutely a must have if you own a flexshaft. I use Moore’s snap on sanding discs. They come in many different grits... more

Here are some organization solutions from @meanrighthookdesigns - “I love having my workspace organized while being able to see everything at the same time. With the peg board and tabletop organizer I don’t have to searching through drawers to find... more

Here is a tip to keep your bezel settings and stones organized from @indigenousjewels - “This week I made a bunch of settings for stones I'm planning to use soon, but to keep them all safe and organized I just took a piece of cardboard, added some... more

Here is a little organization tip for your works in progress from @kjs_heart - “I use a paint palette to organize little parts before I solder them together.” I love this simple solution, I’m super guilty of having random things all over my bench... more

Here is a great way to turn a wire hanger into storage for your pliers and tweezers from @refraction_manufacturing - “Using a wire coat hanger you can maximize space on your work bench. Bending a small circle to start gives you an anchor point to... more

Here is another storage solution from @strongmedicinestudio - “I found an old belt at a thrift store to be turned into something artsy, and it sat and sat. I rearranged my studio, bringing in a new bench and wanted a place to put my large tools.... more

Here are some fantastic storage ideas from @rk_goudsmid - “I store my most used items on this pegboard, which I got from IKEA. The IKEA pegboard has a lot of different options when it comes to compartments and sizes of the board itself. This way you... more

Here is a classic tip for glueing a design to metal for sawing from @thistlehandmadejewellery - “Because I make a lot of multiples, I photocopy my patterns and arrange them on a sheet of paper in order to make production as efficient as possible, and... more

Here is a tip for organizing your stamps from @paviennadesigns - “I had been using an empty candle glass container to keep my metal punches in one place. Today, while shopping at my local craft store, it occurred to me that I could use a box and... more

Here is a storage tip from @doublemoondesign - “To organize my bench I used my daughter's old Ikea shelf with hooks. It's easy to grab the tools when I need them. I can use them and hang them back up without interrupting my work-flow. I've added a... more

Love this soldering tip from @the_alkaimist - “Here’s a trick I use at my bench for aligning things evenly when soldering! I do a lot of circular shapes joined perpendicularly to other components via hinges, so proper alignment is very important. I... more