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Organization tips from @radi_cal_jewelryco 😍 - “As many of you know, I NEED to be organized. At all times. It’s a blessing and a curse😂 Even in the midst of creating, my bench is fairly clean. I’ve had a few of you ask me advice on this matter... So... more

My organization hero at the moment is jeweler @meg_girard, She has a dedicated area for packing all her orders. I feel calm just looking at it! As your business grows it’s always good to have a system. What has helped you organize orders?... more

Here are some gemstone organization solutions 🤙🏻 I use this bead organizer and my label maker to print out the size and stone when I have a bunch of the same kind of stone, @a.maria.designs also uses a plastic container but she writes out what the... more

Here’s a way to organize ALL THE METAL 😍🤯👩‍🏭 @salaciousstones uses hanging folders to store her ✔️ sheet metal ✔️ decorative wire ✔️ solder 👍🏻 not sure what’s happening inside those folders but if you also used ziplocks with anti-tarnish tabs you... more

Binders are a perfect solution for sandpaper organization, thanks so much for sharing this @izaks_work 🙏🏻 keep sending me all of your organizational ideas 😃 you can DM me videos as well. I appreciate all of you so much! What an awesome little... more

I love a good organizing tip during the weekend! This stone storage solution came from @jbmetalstudio (Thanks Julie!) -“I got tired of digging through my cute not not practical vintage letterpress tray that I used to store turquoise cabochons in. I... more

When you are sanding a piece flat you need to ensure your sandpaper is on a flat surface @nokitchensink shared her awesome technique - “I use highly polished stone tiles to put sandpaper on to make sure I'm sanding on a super flat surface. I also... more

Here is a simple, but game changing organizational tip from @bearandtheadelaide - I started using Jessie's method of hanging clipboards on my studio wall and now have my custom orders, supply order list and to-do list all at glance. How I used to do... more

Love this organizational tip from @jessiephoenix - “Organize your little burs and bits with a knife magnet! Takes so little room on the bench and makes each piece easy to see and reach for. I also drilled holes in the top for additional drill bit... more

Here is an awesome organizing tip from @flameandstone she reuses the plastic bin her polishing bits came in to organize and store her handmade jump rings!” I’m definitely using this one! 😁 thanks so much for sharing this simple, amazing tip! We are... more

Here is an organization method from @lyndehowesilverworks - “Nearly everything in my studio is on wheels so I can focus on different projects at a whim. Figuring out I could afix wheels to this plastic crate was game changing. I’ve included a photo... more

I love a good organization tip, here is one from @kaypeajewelry -“A mail organizer works really good to store pliers!” Simple and awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this idea with us! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! If you have some... more