Here is an organization tip for smaller items in your studio from @shannonrusselljewelry - “I hung steel sheets on the wall and bought magnetic containers used for storing spices. The lids are see through and plexiglass, so it’s easy to spot everything... continue
Here are some organization ideas from @sandpiperfootprints - “I like to use ice trays to store my components. They are inexpensive and sometimes found at a dollar store. I also like to use a utensil tray! Each slot is dedicated to either a ring,... continue
Here are some wonderful organization ideas from the beautiful studio of @kajsjewelry - “I love giving old pieces a new purpose, and have found that many of the antiques passed down from my grandparents and retired jewelers have found a new home in my... continue
Here is an organization tip for your pliers from @elementril_smithing_co - “I use these kitchen cabinet door handles to hold my pliers😊”This is such a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for sharing 🙌 I’m going to add this to my blog article with all the... continue
Here is a tip for organizing your gemstones from @mineralandmine - “I love organization and I have my own method for organizing my cabs. After gem shows I immediately sit down to organize my stone boxes and sort new materials. I use a tiny sticker label... continue
Here is a metal organization tip from @cindyliebel - “I like to keep my workspaces organized to ease the flow of production while I create. After many attempts in organizing all of my precious metal wire, I finally figured out what has worked best for me.... continue
Here is a tip for storing your gemstones from @maievangelista - “A neat trick my friend, @li.ap taught me on organizing gemstones: Coin Binder Sleeves! No more digging through ziplocks and tiny containers. I can finally see all my stones and keep track of... continue
Here is a clever #diy bur organizer from @fluxmetalarts - “From time to time we love to share fun organization hacks. This one we whipped up for a student that was looking for portable organization of his finishing bits and bobs. A little styrofoam and a... continue
Here is an organization yip for small parts from @cabrinachanningsilverworks - “Keeping organized in a studio full of itty bitty little pieces is paramount to staying sane. I use these glass cosmetic containers to store my silver granules and jump rings. I... continue